Types of Addictions
You and Addiction

Addictions take many different forms and vary in the degree of control they have over a person. One thing remains constan: you can be free from whatever control that it has over you. This section shows some of the addictions that people wrestle with and some of those people who have been freed from the addictions that held them so tightly.
Our intention is that you will find encouragement and strength in knowing that there are other people who struggle with the same things and have overcome their circumstances and past to find freedom from addiction.

Cedar Park Counseling Network runs a variety support groups including:
  • Recovery Couples Anonymous
  • Men's Therapy Group
  • Women's Therapy Group
  • Young Women's Therapy Group (for teens)
  • Wives in Recovery for wives of addicts
  • Young Men's Therapy Group (for teens)
  • Changes for Healing Therapy for both Men and Women

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